Examples of Entrepreneurship in 10 Countries

Making it easy for entrepreneurs to start a business endeavor is important for a country because entrepreneurship generate jobs and improves the economy. There are a lot of factors that influence the friendliness of a country to entrepreneurs; among these are the employment regulations, bankruptcy laws, and the tax policies of a country.

But whether a country is friendly or not for an entrepreneur, there is inevitable some people who will take up the challenge to become an entrepreneur in the dynamic business environment.

  • 1. United States noted to be one of the friendliest countries for entrepreneurs in the world, the United States is home to thousands of successful entrepreneurs with industries that range from the high tech to the banking industry.
  • 2. China this emerging country is home to budding entrepreneurs who manufacture different products that range from toys, gadgets, electronics, and cars. Most of the new businesses in the country are homegrown because of a new breed of entrepreneurs who realizes the potential in their country. You will note that a lot of products in China have generic brand names though.
  • 3. Singapore this is literally a small country that controls a significant portion of the economy in Asia thanks to a lot of entrepreneurs who innovate on existing services for local and international use.
  • 4. Canada entrepreneurs in Canada are exploring opportunities over the internet. For example, wood carving skills are known in a region called Sanikiluag and entrepreneurs are selling their products online.
  • 5. Australia Australia is among the top entrepreneur friendly countries. Different businesses such as print business and the export business thrive in the country.
  • 6. New Zealand this country is said to be the best country to do business because it has the structure that helps any entrepreneurial endeavor. Because of this, you can expect a myriad range of innovative and new concepts in New Zealand.
  • 7. Hong Kong with a knowledge based economy, Hong Kong utilizes its human resource to make its economy the best possible and entrepreneurship is one of the best ways to do this for them. There are many entrepreneurial endeavors that flourish on Hong Kong ranging from the real estate moguls to the retail and food businesses in the island.
  • 8. Philippines there are many efforts in the country to uplift the lives of the citizens and entrepreneurship is seen as one of the keys for success. In particular, the Philippines is focused on funding the endeavors of women.
  • 9. Malaysia this country is becoming friendlier to entrepreneurs and it is apparent from the number of businesses, both international and local, who decided to locate to Malaysia.
  • 10. South Korea South Korea emerged from the Asian financial crisis better than any other country in the region. The enterprising spirit is quite obvious with companies such as Samsung and Kia that are established in the country.


10 World Famous Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurs are people who dare take risks and make change possible. In doing this endeavor, some entrepreneurs fail but some of them achieves the ultimate heights of success. But one thing all entrepreneurs will agree on is that their quest to introduce new ideas through change and innovation is well worth their while. Here are the list of 10 world famous entrepreneurs who made an impact on our lives one way or another:

  • 1. Bill Gates – the inventor of Microsoft, he holds the title of being the richest man in the world for many years. Bill Gates dropped out from his studies at Harvard to pursue his dreams. As we can see from the heights of success he has gained, his decision has been a great one.
  • 2. Michael Dell – the founder of Dell computers. Michael Dell is a person ahead of his time and this proved to be to his greatest advantage.
  • 3. Henry Ford – who doesn’t know about Henry Ford? He was the entrepreneur responsible for promoting what is known as cars and automobiles today.
  • 4. Richard Branson – he is the founder of the Virgin brand which is a very powerful brand in the United Kingdom. He owns a variety of businesses including record studios, publishing houses, airlines, telecommunications, and even a space tourism company. He started out as an entrepreneur at the age of 16 and he has never looked back since then.
  • 5. Pierre Omidyar – he is the founder of Ebay.com which revolutionized the way people buy and sell through the internet. There are millions of transactions being conducted through the Ebay site everyday. Right now, Ebay is also the owner of several high-profile internet companies.
  • 6. Larry Page and Sergey Brin – they are the founders of Google.com. The Google company is currently the market leader when it comes to generating income revenues from the internet. Google.com started out as a search engine which revolutionized the way people look for information.
  • 7. Li Ka Shing – the world’s ninth richest man, Li Ka Shing started with humble beginnings in Hong Kong. He is known as “Asia’s Most Powerful Man” because his business that started out as a small plastic company is now a global empire that employs thousands if not millions of people.
  • 8. Donald Trump – one of the most successful real estate entrepreneur in history, Donald Trump is regarded as a genius.
  • 9. Kerry Packer – he is Australia’s richest man but he has a very difficult childhood and has a troubled relationship with his father. His success lies in knowing when to buy and when to sell.
  • 10. Jeffrey Bezos – his current worth is estimated to be between $2 billion to $9 billion. He founded Amazon.com when he saw the potential of setting up this kind of business over the internet.