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White Phalaenopsis Orchid with Red LipWelcome To Orchid Tips

Welcome to Orchid Tips, where you'll find expert advice to help you learn just how easy Orchid care can be. Our Welcome Orchid Plant Lovers section is now live, with photos, information, and links (such as site reviews) to quickly get you the Orchid information you're looking for. We highly recommend phalaenopsis and dendrobium orchids you'll learn about on this Website. If you want to get started now, here are the most popular Orchids to buy and grow at home.

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On this Website, you'll find information about Orchids, how to care for Orchids, Orchid types, how wild species Orchids grow in nature, what Orchid hybrids are, how to select Orchids to buy for your home, growers we recommend, growing Orchids and much more!

If this Website has helped you (it is our goal!), please donate through the secure box from Paypal just below. Any donations will help us maintain and host the Website, as well as create more fresh, useful content. Find Orchid sites to buy from here.

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Orchid Tips Recommends these Orchids and Orchid Books...

Phalaenopsis Mistral's Sunrise Flame 'Mendenhall'
Miltoniopsis Andrea West yellow orchid seedling
Understanding Orchids: An Uncomplicated Guide to Growing the World's Most Exotic Plants
The Cattleyas and Their Relatives, Vol. 1: The Cattleyas (6 Parts)



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Order Orchid Flowers for Delivery : Top 10 Companies Selling Orchids Online

This page discusses top orchid delivery companies and techniques to order orchids online.

Pacific Orchid Exposition 2009 Video and More Orchid Videos
Here is a video of the 2009 Pacific Orchid Exposition in San Francisco California, plus a link to more videos I have posted.

Interesting Things That Motivate me to Grow Orchids.
Will I Motivate You to Grow Wild Orchids, Young Orchids or Orchids in General?
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Picking Out Your Orchid - A Brief Guide to Popular Types
There are more than 100,000 kinds of purebreds and hybrid Orchids. There are about 800 new species added each year. Orchids, scientifically known as Orchidaceae, are the biggest family of flowering plants.
Click here to read Picking Out Your Orchid - A Brief Guide to Popular Types.

Where to Buy a Quality Orchid and How to Care For That Orchid You Buy - Click here to read article.

We Recommend the "Buy Orchid Plants" Website
Click here to go to BuyOrchidPlants.com


Phalaenopsis OrchidTop 20 Orchid Species and Why
Orchids are an exclusive group of plants with a wide range of variability.

Top 20 Orchid Hybrids and Why
A Hybrid is defined as the progeny of two plants or animals of diverse races, varieties, species, or genera.

The Orchids to Grow That Bloom the Longest
For orchid enthusiasts, growing orchids is a joy to do, especially when they are full in bloom.

The Most Difficult Orchids to Find and Grow
For gardeners, it just takes time, knowledge and care to grow orchids.

The Most Colorful Orchids
As many gardening experts know, there are large variety of Orchids that grow in different parts of the globe that vary in color, shape, size, and care needs.


New on Our Orchid Care Blogs

Top 10 Countries Orchids are from and What the Climate is Like in Each

Purple Dendrobium Orchid

Tropical Rainforests Where Orchids Can be Found


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Orchid Display at Pacific Orchid Exposition 2006 with Cattleya, Dendrobium, Phalaenopsis, and Cymbidium OrchidsWhat do we Know About Orchids?

We unveiled Orchid Tips October 1, 2000. We've worked with Orchids for a long time and created this site as a useful resource. Our hobby and passion is Orchid care.

Our Purpose is to Simplify Orchid Care, and Show you in a Short Time What it Took us Many years to Learn in the Orchid World

Orchids already often have long names, very unique backgrounds and you can hear quite a variety of Orchid care methods and growing techniques depending on where you look.

A Quick Intro to Get Started Choosing Your First Orchid

If you're new to Orchid growing and would like an Orchid that prefers a sunny window, we recommend Dendrobium Orchids, Cattleya Orchids and Vanda Orchids. If you prefer a shade Orchid for that table a little further from the window, we recommend Paphiopedilum Orchids and Phalaenopsis Orchids. For an Orchid that prefers care conditions between these just mentioned, you may want to grow a Miltonia!


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