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Orchid Plants for Sale to Buy from Excellent Growers

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This is the perfect Orchid collection for the beginner. It includes instructions, fertilizer, and 5 different kinds of Orchids.

We recommend buying plants online as we know from experience these growers below sell great quality Orchids that they do stand behind. For our recommended tips and techniques, read Orchids: Everything You Need To Know.

We've spent a lot of time below creating an excellent wish list of Orchids, narrowing down in each category below the easiest, and best of our favorite Orchids to grow. We focused on featuring Orchids with long bloom time, good price, excellent quality, and Orchids that are a great buy. You'll see what I mean when you read and click on links below.

Our Orchid Recommendations

Orchid books

Phalaenopsis Orchids to Buy

Premium White Phalaenopsis OrchidPremium White Phalaenopsis Orchid

This is a wonderful, easy to grow white Phalaenopsis Orchid with sprays of beautiful flowers. It is a blooming size plant which is strong, healthy and blooms for an extended period of time. I don't know any Orchid lovers that don't like huge white Phals with big sturdy stems like this one.

Premium Purple Phalaenopsis OrchidPremium Purple Phalaenopsis Orchid

This is a great purple Phalaenopsis Orchid. It is a blooming size plant with two flower spikes which will bloom for a long time. As you can see, the breeding parentage in this one is good, as the flowers are clustered well.

Dendrobium Orchids to Buy

Dendrobium Nobile OrchidFloriferous Dendrobium Nobile Orchid, Dendrobium Super Ise '#2' x '#1'

Dendrobium Nobile Orchids, mostly from Hawaii, are beautiful and unique Dendrobiums to grow. They are one of my favorite kinds of Orchids. I like this one for the color and it is pretty easy to grow. I always enjoyed the growing conditions when I visited, met with and bought from Carter and Holmes Orchids.

Hybrid, Long Lasting Flowers Green Dendrobium OrchidHybrid, Long Lasting Flowers Green Dendrobium Orchid

This green hybrid Dendrobium Orchid is shipped in full bud, ready to bloom. It is a beautiful, easy to grow Orchid. Green Dendrobium Orchids tend to bloom very long.

Dendrobium spectabile species OrchidDendrobium spectabile species Orchid

These are not blooming size plants but should bloom in about 2 years. This is why the price is so good. This is an interesting, Hardy Dendrobium variety to grow. It comes in a 3" pot and when, after a couple of years it is ready to bloom, carries quite a big display of flowers. I have always liked growing this Orchid as people really stop and look closely at the interesting flowers on this Orchid.

Paphiopedilum Orchids to Buy

Warm Paphiopedilum (Makuli x cilioare) x Paphiopedilum superbiens OrchidPaphiopedilum (Makuli x cilioare) x Paph. superbiens Orchid

This is a "warm Paphiopedilum" Orchid. It is a blooming size plant in a 4" pot which is strong and healthy. I used to hybridize with parents of this plant and it has great genes. A very famous plant.

"Complex" Cool Paphiopedilum Orchid"Complex" Cool Paphiopedilum Orchid

There is nothing complex about growing these cool Paphiopedilums, but the name has been around for a long time, referring to the fact that there are many species and hybrid Orchids in their parentage. This was the first kind of Orchid I hybridized hundreds of varieties of, and they are very near and dear to my heart.

These blooms last 1-2 months per flower and you usually get 1-2 flowers per stem when they bloom the first time. These mahogany spotted flowers are very nice, but please do note these plants will bloom in 1-2 years are are not shipped at full blooming size. It is worth the wait to see the magnificent blooms.

Paphiopedilum Pinocchio OrchidPaphiopedilum Pinocchio Orchid

This Paphiopedilum Orchid has pink and green flowers, is blooming size, and blooms for a long time. I have at times watched this plant bloom for so long I never thought it would drop the flowers. Almost makes you think the flowers are not real they last so long - an impressive Orchid plant.

Cattleya and Cattleya Type Orchids to Buy

Blc. Raye Holmes 'Newberry' Cattleya type OrchidBlc. Raye Holmes 'Newberry' - Cattleya type Orchid

These are sold near blooming size, and when they bloom, you'll see big clusters of bright flowers above very sturdy leaves. Blooms on this Orchid last 2-4 weeks in my experience.

Cattleya Type Orchid - Blc. Erin Kobayashi 'Lahaina Gold' AM/AOS x Lc Lou Gilmore 'Mendenhall' Cattleya Type Orchid - Blc. Erin Kobayashi 'Lahaina Gold' AM/AOS x Lc Lou Gilmore 'Mendenhall'

Yellow Cattleya Orchid with Red lip, big flowers, sold near blooming size. Good parentage.

Collection of 10 Hybrid Cattleya Orchid PlantsCollection of 10 Hybrid Cattleya Orchid Plants

A great collection of well priced Cattleya Orchids of various colors. This collection includes 10 cattleyas.

Miltonia Orchid to Buy

Miltonia BelvedereMiltonia Belvedere 'Best' X Milt. Star of Nuanu 'Brit' AM/AOS Orchid

This is a prolific warm growing Miltonia Orchid. It is the fastest growing Orchid I've grown, and funny enough, it grew so fast for me we ended up eventually giving away pots of it as prizes. It has a beautiful deep color.

Oncidium Orchids to Buy

Oncidium Sweet Sugar OrchidOncidium Sweet Sugar Orchid

This is a very resilient Oncidium Orchid. It is has parentage that we used to joke about, saying you could almost grow this plant in Antartica (since it is so tough). I love this plant, often called the dancing lady Orchid. It blooms for a good long time.

Oncidium Sharry Baby OrchidOncidium Sharry Baby Orchid

This is a wonderful Orchid which is always a big favorite of beginner through experienced Orchid growers. Not only does it have large arching sprays of flowers, but it smells like chocolate! This is a very fragrant Orchid which blooms 2-3 months per flower spike.

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