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Miltonia Care

Photo by
Imagine 123 Photography

Miltonias are called the "Pansy Orchid" because their flowers resemble pansies. Miltonias come in most colors, and some have very interesting "masks" or "waterfalls" as a design in the center of the flower. They're also fragrant sometimes.

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Humidity: Humididy is important to Miltonias - if they don't have enough, they'll get sunburn easier on the leaves, and leaf growth will be stunted.

Light and Air: Miltonias have smaller, more fragile leaves, so give them good ventilation to let air get in between the leaves. They like medium bright light - behind a white curtain by the window.

Watering: Miltonias need to be watered before they dry out or you'll see accordian like pleating on the leaves as the leaves grow out.

Temperature: Miltonias like about 50-65 night, 65-80 day.

Potting: Repot every year!

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