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Many Orchids Growing - These are Easy Orchids to GrowEasy Orchid Care, Part 2 of Orchids Are Easy

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Selecting Easy Orchids to Grow at Home

To select Orchids that are easy to grow, it is important to understand more about Orchids as well as your care environment at home. It wouldn't make sense to grow an Orchid at home that grew in tree debris near tree roots in deep shade, in a bright window at home.

Easy to grow species Orchids simulating one Orchid variety growing in nature in rainforestMeanwhile, as an opposite example, it doesn't make sense to take an Orchid plant that originally grew high in the rainforest canopy with high humidity and a lot of sunlight and expect that plant to do well at home in care conditions with very little light and low humidity.

The photo on the left shows how some Orchids in nature that are easy to grow at home, and are here shown growing on a large piece of Orchid bark simulating what it would be like to be growing this Orchid in a rainforest.

Which Orchid Should You Grow

In following pages on this website, we give you all of the information you need to select an easy to care for Orchid that fits what you want. There are many differences in how each variety of Orchid looks, grows, how big the Orchid is, what colors are available, and how fast the plant grows.

In general, Phalaenopsis and Dendrobium Orchids are easier to care for as long as you choose the right kind of these Orchids for your environment and take care of the plant accordingly. Please remember, there are thousands and thousands of kinds of Phalaenopsis Orchids and Dendrobium Orchids our there, so let us help you choose the right kind to have a truly easy Orchid.

Miltonias, Paphiopedilums, Cymbidium, species Orchids, and Masdevallia Orchids can be beginning or intermediate level Orchids depending on which Orchid variety you choose.

Cattleyas, Vanda Orchids, Oncidiums, and many other hybrid and species Orchids we'll talk about can be intermediate to advanced difficulty to grow.

Which Orchids are Easy to Grow

Any Orchid can be easy to grow, and we will show you how. We just want to to select the right Orchid for the care environment most easy to adapt to with your home.

  • You may want to be a beginner Orchid grower who has a very easy time growing Orchids by choosing the Orchid plant that wants care conditions that are already there.
  • Or, you may want to be an intermediate Orchid grower who does some work adapting your home conditions to fit your Orchid. This probably won't mean changing your temperature, but will mean paying more careful attention to watering, light, and repotting.
  • Lastly, you may want to be an advanced grower who grows hard to find and grow Orchids in your home on a table, at home in a miniature greenhouse, or outdoors in a greenhouse.

Enjoy these top picks, Orchid Secrets Revealed and Orchid Care Revealed.


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