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What to Remember When Raising Orchids

Orchid growing demands some care and attention, plus time if you would like to be considered an expert in this worthwhile activity. You will surely be in for a treat as you watch your beloved Orchids bloom with beauty and radiance.

Caring for Orchids can be difficult without help, but if you bear in mind these items, you are for sure on your path towards growing great Orchids:

  • Learn as much as you can about the Orchids you are about to grow. Pay attention to their daily needs so that you can give them what that they need to bloom beautifully. You can do research about Orchids in the flower shops nearest to you, as well as books, and the Internet.
  • Pay close attention to the kind of Orchid you are about to grow so that you will know the right amount of food and water the plant needs. Many people have difficulties in growing Orchids because they often water too little or too much. Examine the medium and add slowly.
  • There are certain varieties of Orchids that require more water to make the medium a bit moist such as Miltonias, Cymbidiums, Paphiopedilums and Odontoglossums.
  • There are other kinds of Orchids that do not need much water or care, such as the Vanda, Ascocenda and the Phalaenopsis Orchids. You can usually just water them once a week.
  • Adding fertilizer to Orchid plants is typical, especially when you want to make them healthy and strong. When you buy fertilizer for your Orchids, make sure that you purchase the right one. Be sure to follow the directions specified in the fertilizer packet or container.
  • Make sure that your Orchids get sufficient exposure to the sun. For instance, Cattleyas and Dendrobiums require a lot of sun exposure while Phalaaenopsis and Paphiopedilums do not need much sunlight (and are ideal to place in any corner of your house).
  • Repotting of Orchids is ideal every year or two, but before doing so, check if your Orchids are currently blooming. If yes, then, do not remove them from their pots as this may harm the Orchids. If they are not blooming, select a pot that is adequate to hold the plant. If you bear all these in mind, you do not have to worry about these special flowers. Good luck in raising orchids.

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